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March 16, 2008


Kay Brewer

Personally, I think this idea is the best that anyone has come up with.
My Dad has walked away twice, and brought back by a neighbor who knows him.
My Dad is a nice looking gentleman, he dresses nice. He walks with a purpose, eventhough he pushes a walker. For the first five minutes, talking with someone who doesn't know him, he would seem just as normal as any other man his age.
I am not sure that anyone would ever stop to question him.
I try to do everything possible to keep him safe. But, the fact is, he still has a mind of his own, even if he is not always aware that he is in this day in time.
Thank You Sue!


Kay: Most caregivers that I've spoken to agree with you about the benefits of using technology to keep someone safe.

It is so true that a person with dementia may present as healthy and cognitively aware in the first few minutes of conversation. We have a number of residents in our facility that look and act exactly like visitors, making it easy for them to blend in and leave the building. Without electronic tagging, this could easily happen.

Kay, thanks again for your insights!



What a great idea. My father in law just died from complications from aging. He had dementia and was being cared for by his 90+ year old wife for years. She had to constantly monitor him because he would go out the door to do something and they would have to track him down. Think of the added relief it would give caregivers to know if someone did leave they could find them. We just had a situation here in CA where the husband of a woman took off while she was napping. It took days to find him. Luckily they did find him well.

Sue Lanza

Linda: That must have been so hard for his wife to deal with! Most people agree with you that the benefits of having a method of tracking someone outweigh any indignities to the person. Safety is an overwhelming concern to home caregivers of those with dementia and even taking a nap, can have deadly consequences.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


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