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November 21, 2009



It's the caregivers whom she wants to thank. There's nothing like a personal , verbal thank you to bouy our spirits. Then again, a note of appreciation is always welcome as an addition and you can always re-read it when you are in the dumps.


HI SuziCO: See, this is why I need the help of the readers! You are probably right.

I've done just what you have mentioned--saving notes of encouragement and rereading them in the dark moments.

Despite all the technology around us, I still believe in the old-fashioned method of using handwritten thank you notes. It takes a few minutes but worth the effort every time.

Suzi, thanks for writing and sharing,



A simple poster board with colourful pens nearby would provide a place for patients, families, friends, co-workers and management to handwrite notes of gratitude. This will also remind everyone that they work so hard for the good days that occasionally come along. Make it fancier with pretty papers, cards, photos, etc. if somebody has the time or inclination.

The families of staff also "give" by understanding when their spouse/parent has had a hard day, contributing to a fundraiser, etc. Sending "family" thank-you cards to the staff member's home is a little thing that goes a long way to showing your understanding.

Also if a patient's family sends a thank-you card to the facility, forward it to that staff person's home. This is much more personal than picking it up from the inbox. Invite them to post such cards on the wall of appreciation if they desire.


Hi Julie: Love the ideas you gave!

Some rooms even have whiteboards in them already, making this task easier. If not, it is a very nominal purchase and would have such as positive impace.

In a professional setting, we started using a whiteboard daily for listing our "teams" of staff and any thoughts for the day. It really personalizes things.

Your idea also about the thank you card getting to a person's home is also a great tip.

Thanks for sharing your caring ways of saying thank you!


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