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August 25, 2010


Suzi Plooster

Hi folks,

There is always some "study" that tries to prove that some everyday thing will improve your chances against Alzheimers.
Zillions of cups of coffee are consumed every day by people in the US and most "western" countries. If indeed coffee helped to deter Alzheimers and was such a benefit the number of Alzheimers patients in this country would be declining rather than increasing.
The best advice is ignore these silly things and thank God if you have good genes free of ALZHEIMERS.


Hi Suzy: Thanks for writing in.

Yes, it can be frustrating to see all the different studies of "this can help" and "that can help". At this point, with no cure, we have to keep track of everything as you never know which will be proven to actually work.

This particular finding was of interest since it was 22 research studies together and the fact that the Journal took the time to put them together as a supplement surprised me.

I agree with you that for the types of dementia where there are hereditary factors, we would all hope that we have the right ones. Until then, we as caregivers, have to track the research and hope for the best.

Thanks for sharing a different viewpoint,


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