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November 30, 2010


Dementia Carers

You've written an interesting article here about this topic.

I would expect in some cases that spaced retrieval does work, and the repetitiveness would strengthen the process, but it should be used along with other techniques.


Hi Dementia Carers: Yes, spaced-retrieval is something different but I have heard success stories for some who are at the correct stage of dementia for it to work.

I agree with you that as caregivers we have to try many different techniques to find the one that works best.

Thanks for writing,



Hi! I am a speech pathologist and I use spaced retrieval with many of my patients. It is easy to learn and nearly anyone can use the technique with those who have memory impairments. Please see a speech therapist for help.


Hi Stephanie: Thanks so much for your comments as someone who actually uses this technique.

Thanks for writing,


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