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January 11, 2011


Heather Wibbels, LMT

This is a wonderful suggestion! My mom and I used to give my grandmother hand massage when we visited with her in her later stages of dementia. It was a wonderful way to give her a safe touch and human contact. In later stages of dementia, and even just in later stages of life the simple act of touch can make a huge difference to someone. ______
Heather Wibbels, LMT
Louisville, KY


Hi Heather: You were right on point with those hand massages for your grandmother with dementia!

So many people hear the word "massage" and panic, thinking something very technical is involved. You are correct that the touch factor, especially in the late stages of dementia is so powerful.

Thanks for writing and validating this technique for everyone, Sue

Dementia Carers

There are some great tips here, and simple so that anyone can carry them out on their loved one, or the one they care for.

Thanks for these.


Hi Dementia Carers: Thanks for the kind words.

It adds so much when readers like you give your point of view.

Thanks for writing.



Your suggestion is truly amazing. I am pleased with it. I looking for this kind of article.

Massage Chairs

Great article and very true! While not necessarily the same as a "hands on" massage by a caregiver, a robotic massage chair can provide a similar therapeutic benefit particularly if the caregiver has health issues of his/her own, i.e. arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc, wherein they can't offer a hands on massage. Just an idea!

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